Last week, a fan asked me how it was possible that I was a functioning human being considering I was homeschooled for most of my life. He said it a lot nicer than that, but let’s face it, he wanted to know why I wasn’t a socially awkward freak with a retainer hanging out of my mouth in a drool-soaked Cabbage Patch Kids shirt. Which is understandable. Also I do have a retainer.

IN THE BELOW VIDYA, I give a brief rundown of how I came to be a “homeschool kid,” plus I debunk a few myths about homeschooling stereotypes. Actually I don’t debunk anything. This isn’t an episode of Mythbusters. I gave lukewarm opinions to really obvious questions and literally did nothing groundbreaking. I rambled in front of a camera for 5 minutes and then dressed up my cat in a crown. That’s what you’re in for.

So, if you know any homeschoolers, feel free to share this with them so they can tell you how wrong I am about everything, probably, but just remember this was MY personal experience with homeschooling. I’m not claiming responsibility for all homeschoolers, I don’t want them. They tried to make me go to homeschool prom. I would have none of it.



Shout-out to my homeschool homies Sheryl, Greg, and stupid JD. We all survived our unique educational journey and they are still some of my best friends. Like I said in the video, WE TURNED OUT JUST FINE. We were NOT weird homeschool kids.

I mean, OCCASIONALLY we dressed up in medieval garb and played pretend renaissance faire in our backyard. Perfectly normal.






We’re cool.