Audio is stupid and I hate it and WHY is it so important that we HEAR things? Sign language and interpretive dance are perfectly respectable ways to communicate, and frankly it would be nice if everyone shut up for a while. ESPECIALLY me. I should just shut up. Because then I wouldn’t be in need of microphones, better known as Satan’s Rods of Dickscrewery.

That relentless trick Procrastination has had me in her grasp for 6 months, which is how long I’ve been wanting to fix up my studio and upgrade my ‘quipment. That may seem like a long time, but for lazy people, 6 months is the equivalent of a half a day. YOU CAN’T RUSH ART.

But I’ve finally kicked my ass into gear. As you know, I painted a wall in my studio last week, intended as a backdrop for creating videos. Also, for cat photoshoots.



Stupid Kevin.

I also bought a fancy new camera and I PLANNED on recording a video for you awesome sexy people yesterday. Instead, I ended up doing so many tests to make my audio not sound like I was in a giant tin can full of hissing cockroaches that I DID NOT make a video.





Actually, through my computer speakers, it sounds good. With studio headphones on, it still isn’t PERFECT, but if you guys tell me it sounds okay then I’ll put down the tequila and carry on with my videos. YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Direct all your thoughts, feelings, and deep insight here. Also, pictures of your cat, if you have those. ——> @LisaFoiles