Ep 13 – Invader Zim and ’90s One-Hit Wonder Trivia!

Lisa starts off this episode by talking about ferrets…for some reason. And then Drew takes you on a a stroll down Twitter Lane where Gen Z-ers ask the question “Did people in the ’90s really…?” Also, loyal listener Marlin Mealer tries his hand at our ’90s One-Hit Wonder Trivia Challenge! Finally PREPARE FOR YOUR IMPENDING DOOM with our discussion on Nickelodeon cult-classic Invader Zim! And also, tacos.

Ep 12 – Full House and Defunct Sodas!

We’re back! After a little hiatus, Lisa and Drew are back to fill your ear holes with ’90s and Early 2000s goodness! In this episode, Drew gives you his interpretation of Lisa’s life – Tiger Beat-style! Then your hosts take you on a tastebud-fueled journey through the sodas from your youth that you can’t get anymore. And finally, have MERCY! You want Full House talk? You got it dude!

Ep 11 – Alisa Reyes Special! All That, The Proud Family, and More!

That’s right! We’re bringing you a special in-depth interview with none other than Alisa Reyes! OG All That cast member, The Proud Family voice actor, singer, dancer, producer, coach – she does it all! We’re talking her All That origin story, One World on Teen NBC, The Proud Family, and her upcoming documentary “The Orange Years” about the glory days of Nickelodeon which you can check out on all the social media @TheOrangeYears. But that’s not all, there’s so, so much more in this interview so tune in!

Ep 10 – Rocko’s Modern Life, Top 5 Movie Quotes, and Skip-it!


Ep 9 – Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Nick News!

This is it people – the episode you’ve been waiting for. Lisa Foiles finally reveals what it is she had against Nick News – and let me tell you she is not pulling any punches. Also, Drew reveals his top 10 childhood celebrity crushes and your hosts with a most talk Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Stay tuned, you chicken McNobodies!