Hosts Lisa Foiles (Nickelodeon’s “All That”) and Drew Agan (“Gone Too Soon” Podcast) take you back to your childhood in this FIRST EVER episode of “…and a Bag of Chips!” Lisa and Drew kick it off with all the news about the upcoming “All That” reboot and Lisa’s experiences being on seasons 7-10. Then Drew schools Lisa on POGs – where the game started; why it was so popular; and, most importantly, where did it go? Finally, the pair take you to Wayouttatown, Oregon to visit “The Angry Beavers” and Lisa tells Drew what made the show so special.

Get ready for “…and a Bag of Chips!” – an all new podcast featuring all things ’90s and early 2000s from hosts Lisa Foiles (Nickelodeon’s “All That”) and Drew Agan (“Gone Too Soon” podcast). Lisa and Drew will not only be discussing all of your favorite TV shows – like Step by Step, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Dexter’s Laboratorythey’ll also be talking about the toys and trends that made the era unique. There will be hijinx, trivia, prizes, and even some celebrity guests to give you the behind-the-scenes insight! So don’t forget to subscribe – you don’t want to miss an episode!