Ep 10 – Rocko’s Modern Life, Top 5 Movie Quotes, and Skip-it!


Ep 9 – Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Nick News!

This is it people – the episode you’ve been waiting for. Lisa Foiles finally reveals what it is she had against Nick News – and let me tell you she is not pulling any punches. Also, Drew reveals his top 10 childhood celebrity crushes and your hosts with a most talk Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Stay tuned, you chicken McNobodies!

RERUN Ep 2 – Pete & Pete w/ Special Guest Michael C. Maronna

Unfortunately there is no new episode this week, but I promise you there is a cool reason why and we will tell you guys about it as soon as we can. In the mean time, in this rerun Lisa and Drew give a quick update on the “All That” reboot. Then Drew challenges Lisa to some ’90s TV trivia. Finally the pair sit down with one of the stars of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” Michael C. Maronna, to talk behind the scenes of the show, favorite potato chips, and the joys of parenthood.

Ep 8 – Legends of the Hidden Temple and Iconic TV Props!

In this episode, Drew and Lisa take a quick look at some nostalgic reboot trailers that came out of San Diego Comic Con. Then, inspired by Clarissa herself, Melissa Joan Hart, your hosts take a look back at some of those iconic props from television you wish you could hold – including a very special one that Lisa actually owns! And finally, you could choose to listen to this podcast on Apple Podcast, or you could go over to Overcast – the choices are yours and yours alone! But make sure you tune in for a look back at one of the most amazing 90s Nick game shows – Legends of the Hidden Temple!

Ep 7 – Bring it On and Iconic 90s Commercials!

This is not a democracy, it’s a cheer-ocracy! So we’re commanding that you tune into this episode that is awesome, like wow, and will totally freak you out! First, Drew and Lisa take you on a tour of iconic 90s commercials – from the dystopian wastelands of Crossfire to the cheeky fun of Mentos. Then prepare for total domination (…ation…ation…ation) as Drew and Lisa discuss the classic 2000 cheerleading masterpiece “Bring it On!”