In the thrilling and chilling conclusion to our all-Halloween themed month, Lisa and Drew take you on a trip to Evergreen SCARE-ace to revisit the glory days of The Simpsons and their perennial Treehouse of Horrors Halloween specials. Then, what better way to spend Halloween night than with a group of the mid-to-late 90s biggest teen stars and their pact to take the fact that they killed a man to the grave!? I know I can’t think of one! And also, I Know What You Did Last Summer! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?

Halloween month continues here on “…and a Bag of Chips!” After a discussion on different times they have thrown up (that lasted way too long), Lisa and Drew discuss some throwback 90s and early 2000s Halloween costumes to give you some inspiration to win your party! Then, submitted for your approval, your hosts take a look at the creepy Nickelodeon classic “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and touch on the first episode of the reboot that just aired on Nick.

You won’t believe your ears when Lisa and Drew are joined by video game journalist, prolific Twitch streamer, Streamy Award winner, and host extraordinaire Trisha Hershberger! For this very special episode, Trisha joins our hosts for the full pod! They start off with a look at what Trisha is up to lately – including some juicy details on her latest Twitch channel! Then, it’s a quick discussion on perennial Halloween specials and movies from our youth that we are passing down to our kids. And of course we wouldn’t have Trisha on without talking video games! In keeping with our October Halloween theme, we talk about scary and creepy video games from the 90s and early 00s (with a few newer ones sprinkled in). You don’t want to miss this one!

This episode kicks off an entire month of Halloween-themed episodes here on …and a Bag of Chips! Lisa and Drew start off by bringing you the best and worst of Halloween candy with a few personal Halloween memories sprinkled in. Then your hosts take you to The Other Realm with a look at TGIF favorite Sabrina, the Teenage Witch!

It’s the sick episode! Lisa had a case of both laryngitis AND the stomach flu! But that did not stop her from bringing some 90s and 00s goodness to your ears – even if she doesn’t sound great. Consequently thought, this is a pretty quick one. Lisa and Drew serve up their Top 5 Favorite Friends Quotes, and then they take a quick look at the 2002 blaxploitation parody Undercover Brother. Access granted – you got soul!

Lisa starts off this episode by talking about ferrets…for some reason. And then Drew takes you on a a stroll down Twitter Lane where Gen Z-ers ask the question “Did people in the ’90s really…?” Also, loyal listener Marlin Mealer tries his hand at our ’90s One-Hit Wonder Trivia Challenge! Finally PREPARE FOR YOUR IMPENDING DOOM with our discussion on Nickelodeon cult-classic Invader Zim! And also, tacos.

We’re back! After a little hiatus, Lisa and Drew are back to fill your ear holes with ’90s and Early 2000s goodness! In this episode, Drew gives you his interpretation of Lisa’s life – Tiger Beat-style! Then your hosts take you on a tastebud-fueled journey through the sodas from your youth that you can’t get anymore. And finally, have MERCY! You want Full House talk? You got it dude!

That’s right! We’re bringing you a special in-depth interview with none other than Alisa Reyes! OG All That cast member, The Proud Family voice actor, singer, dancer, producer, coach – she does it all! We’re talking her All That origin story, One World on Teen NBC, The Proud Family, and her upcoming documentary “The Orange Years” about the glory days of Nickelodeon which you can check out on all the social media @TheOrangeYears. But that’s not all, there’s so, so much more in this interview so tune in!

On this episode, Lisa lays out her top 5 movie quotes of the ’90s and early 2000s – some of which may surprise you. Then Drew and Lisa take a skip down memory lane with everyone’s favorite get-off-the-couch exercise craze – the Skip-it! And finally, your hosts travel to O-Town to take on Conglom-O city hall and discuss Rocko’s Modern Life. It will be a hoot!

This is it people – the episode you’ve been waiting for. Lisa Foiles finally reveals what it is she had against Nick News – and let me tell you she is not pulling any punches. Also, Drew reveals his top 10 childhood celebrity crushes and your hosts with a most talk Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Stay tuned, you chicken McNobodies!

Unfortunately there is no new episode this week, but I promise you there is a cool reason why and we will tell you guys about it as soon as we can. In the mean time, in this rerun Lisa and Drew give a quick update on the “All That” reboot. Then Drew challenges Lisa to some ’90s TV trivia. Finally the pair sit down with one of the stars of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” Michael C. Maronna, to talk behind the scenes of the show, favorite potato chips, and the joys of parenthood.

In this episode, Drew and Lisa take a quick look at some nostalgic reboot trailers that came out of San Diego Comic Con. Then, inspired by Clarissa herself, Melissa Joan Hart, your hosts take a look back at some of those iconic props from television you wish you could hold – including a very special one that Lisa actually owns! And finally, you could choose to listen to this podcast on Apple Podcast, or you could go over to Overcast – the choices are yours and yours alone! But make sure you tune in for a look back at one of the most amazing 90s Nick game shows – Legends of the Hidden Temple!

This is not a democracy, it’s a cheer-ocracy! So we’re commanding that you tune into this episode that is awesome, like wow, and will totally freak you out! First, Drew and Lisa take you on a tour of iconic 90s commercials – from the dystopian wastelands of Crossfire to the cheeky fun of Mentos. Then prepare for total domination (…ation…ation…ation) as Drew and Lisa discuss the classic 2000 cheerleading masterpiece “Bring it On!”

In honor of the Good Burger Pop-Up opening in Los Angeles, it’s a super special, all-Good Burger episode! Lisa tells us all about being in a Good Burger sketch for the All That 10th anniversary special. Then Drew takes you on an audio tour of the Good Burger Pop-Up restaurant where Lisa and he talk to Kel Mitchell about the new All That cast and how the pop-up came to life. And finally, OF COURSE we’re talking about the 1997 Good Burger feature film. You do not want to miss this episode!

You’ve been asking for it, and we’re delivering! Announcing the triumphant return of Top 5 with Lisa Foiles!…and Drew Agan! This time, we’re talking the top 5 catchiest songs of 1998. Plus, we bring you a special report on what the heck is going on in the Target toy department. And finally, we all know who is the Dexter and who is the Dee Dee in this relationship…we’re talking about Dexter’s Laboratory!

Last episode, Lisa and Drew ragged ever so slightly on the movie Gremlins and you guys were not having it! So this week, we’re introducing a segment we call “Unpopular Opinions.” Then we call one of YOU to play some 90s TV theme song trivia for cool prizes! Do you think you could have done better than Don? And finally, in the wake of the success of Netflix’s “Murder Mystery,” we’re revisiting the Adam Sandler movies of the ’90s and early 2000s. Tune in – you don’t want to miss it!

Nickelodeon Studios opened just about 29 years ago this week, and Lisa tells you about the time she got to visit! Then Drew and Lisa revisit one of the creepiest toy trends of the ’90s – FURBIES! And finally – “does everyone know what time it is!?” “…and a Bag of Chips Time!” “That’s right! Binford Tools is proud to present…Lisa and Drew!”

Lisa and Drew start off with a quick update on the “All That” reboot. Then Drew challenges Lisa to some ’90s TV trivia. Finally the pair sit down with one of the stars of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” Michael C. Maronna, to talk behind the scenes of the show, favorite potato chips, and the joys of parenthood.

Hosts Lisa Foiles (Nickelodeon’s “All That”) and Drew Agan (“Gone Too Soon” Podcast) take you back to your childhood in this FIRST EVER episode of “…and a Bag of Chips!” Lisa and Drew kick it off with all the news about the upcoming “All That” reboot and Lisa’s experiences being on seasons 7-10. Then Drew schools Lisa on POGs – where the game started; why it was so popular; and, most importantly, where did it go? Finally, the pair take you to Wayouttatown, Oregon to visit “The Angry Beavers” and Lisa tells Drew what made the show so special.

Get ready for “…and a Bag of Chips!” – an all new podcast featuring all things ’90s and early 2000s from hosts Lisa Foiles (Nickelodeon’s “All That”) and Drew Agan (“Gone Too Soon” podcast). Lisa and Drew will not only be discussing all of your favorite TV shows – like Step by Step, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Dexter’s Laboratorythey’ll also be talking about the toys and trends that made the era unique. There will be hijinx, trivia, prizes, and even some celebrity guests to give you the behind-the-scenes insight! So don’t forget to subscribe – you don’t want to miss an episode!