About Lisa


Lisa was introduced to the world at age 13, as the spunky redhead on Nickelodeon’s longest-running sketch comedy show, All That.

As the “Saturday Night Live for kids,” All That allowed Lisa to show off her comedic talents by portraying a wide variety of well-loved characters, such as Claudia the goth, Kaffy from “Sugar & Coffee,” and many more.

Lisa also appeared on Disney’s Even Stevens, TNT’s Leverage, and on one of the highest rated episodes of Malcolm In The Middle, playing the female Malcolm in “If Boys Were Girls.”


From TV to the Internet, Lisa has rocked the world of video games as a funny nerd with a passion for keeping things silly. She has hosted, written, and produced countless web shows, with starring roles in The Escapist’s Top 5 with Lisa Foiles and GameSpot’s Analog. Lisa has also appeared in web productions for Cracked.com, Polaris, SMBC Theater, and IGN.


Lisa’s favorite creative outlet is writing. She wrote her first screenplay at 12, her first novel at 14, and has never gone a day without crafting words on a page.

With a well-rounded writing education from Taylor University, Lisa has been published in print and on the web for over ten years. Her monthly articles on Kotaku garnered her thousands of fans who continue to interact with her on a daily basis.

Personal Life

Lisa resides in fabulous Las Vegas, NV with two cats, both named Kevin, and a Golden Retriever puppy named Riley! She dances ballet, sings, plays bass guitar, and occasionally eats raw cookie dough even though it’s frowned upon in modern society.


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